hi!! welcome to the website for the everfree forest! we try to update this little blurb every month or so, so here's jay with your may entry!

we recently launched a hotline! this is a little project we're doing in which we have new songs up on a phone number that you can call and hear songs from FOR FREE! or whatever distance rates that might apply if you're super far away. we're updating it with new songs every week on tuesday and friday, so make sure to come back twice a week for new listening goodness!

also - we have a youtube channel now! right now, it has all five of our released demos (such as penguins on venus and bugbo, we're gonna find you) but stay tuned for some new content very, very soon! you can find that here.

lastly, we are in the homestretch of our recording sessions for our first album, Party Mix 2010! at this point, it's mostly just recording or re-recording whatever vocals we need to, so keep on the lookout for announcements on the album super soon!!

thanks for checking us out! we appreciate you.