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The Everfree Forest is a band from western Massachusetts - the members consist of Jay Galaxia (who sequences music, writes songs, and provides vocals) and Rose Lockwood (who provides guitar, tin whistle, and many other instruments, and also does the geekier-sounding vocals). Their music is hard to pin down to a genre, but is best described as synthy rock with poppy and folky elements thrown in on occasion. Some of the band's influences include They Might Be Giants, Glass Beach, Car Seat Headrest, and Ween, among a litany of others that would take a while to list.

Jay and Rose had been writing songs together for a while, but after a band they were in broke up the two of them decided to start a project. The Everfree Forest started releasing demos on SoundCloud in August 2023 with the songs Penguins on Venus and Stuck In Reno (Part 2). The band has been gathering scattered material from as far back as early 2021 to refine into a demo compilation called PARTY MIX 2010. It will release when it is done. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and jam out to the spiffy tunes available on their website and across the internet!

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contact us at theeverjohnfreeforestpaulband@gmailgeorge.ringocom. just remove the Beatles first
call the everfree hotline for a new song tues + fri: (626) 460-0165